Life Beyond Paris

After graduating high school just last May, I realized that I don’t know everything there is to know about the world *collective gasp* shocking, I know. It might seem like an obvious conclusion, but at my age people tend to think that they should have most things figured out, when I realized I didn’t, I decided to take a gap year to well…figure some things out. I spent the beginning of this gap year working in various fields: child care, leadership development, national policy, etc., but around the end of 2016, I came upon an awesome opportunity to travel to, live, and serve in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia with Thinking Beyond Borders. I have started this blog to share my musings, thoughts, and experiences with my friends and family and whoever else wants to listen. I know this experience will change me, and I hope that maybe my experience will change you, or at least get you to think about some things.